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“Among the finely-tuned cast, 
Pargac stands out as a hapless everyman.” 
- Los Angeles Times 

“Pargac does a great job of making Clay sympathetic yet disturbing... 
The outstanding cast delivers subtle, vibrant work.” 
- Variety

“The play reaches a narrative fission through Eric Pargac’s sensitive performance 
as a tormented neighbor who enters the couple’s lives.” 
- LA Weekly

Eric Pargac as the sickly Julie who managed to turn in a stunningly heart breaking 
characterization of a man who once had a promising life only 
to have it robbed from him by illness."
- Broadway World 

“Pargac superbly depicts the decent-guy side to his character, 
and he’s equally on target in foreshadowing Forsie’s less-heroic traits.” 
- Back Stage West

“Stellar cast...with Blakemore’s stoic September and 
Pargac’s tormented Forsie the standouts.” 
- LA Weekly

“Pargac finds the perfect balance between empathetic Everyman 
and foolhardy neurotic; his climactic character shift is bone-chilling.”
- Back Stage West

“Eric Pargac takes what could have been a thankless role as Pegeen’s rejected fiancé 
and makes the sniveling second-choice love interest sweetly appealing.”
- Back Stage West

“Pargac’s face registers reactions that are often 
the most exciting things onstage.” 
- Back Stage West